Singer Mon Laferte takes the protest of Chile to the red carpet of the Latin Grammy showing her chest


If something could detract from Rosalia on the red carpet of the gala of the 20th edition of the Latin Grammy Awards 2019, held this Thursday in Las Vegas (USA), it was totally extramusical: Chile.

The Chilean singer Mon Laferte appeared before the photographers of the media with their naked torso and a message painted on his body: "In Chile they torture, rape and kill. "

Laferte also wore a green scarf in the neck, a symbol of the feminist struggle in his country.

Cami, Another Chilean nominated for best new artist also mentioned the complex situation in her country.

"I have my heart in Chile totally, ”he explained. It's being strange, I understand that we are given a microphone, the possibility of giving a message and music is a way of protest. "

22 dead

The death toll in protests in Chile rose this Thursday to 22according to the Government, while the road to the new Constitution that citizens demand tries to step into Parliament in an attempt by legislators to reach an agreement that unlocks the social crisis

The balance of fatalities had stagnated since the first weeks of the social outbreak against the inequality of an unequal economic model, but new events occurred this week ended with the addition of two new names to the list of deaths after 28 days of protests.

While the streets are still boiling with thousands of people claiming a more egalitarian model, The policy advances in the work of concretizing a mechanism that can channel the main citizen claim: A new Magna Carta.

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