Spectators can vote for Melani from Spain in Eurojunior 2019


Eurovision Junior 2019 is approaching and, with it, the possibility of voting for Melani García, the Spanish representative in Poland. Unlike the adult festival, in the youth, viewers will be able to vote for the candidacy of your own country.

It can be done from few days before the final, through the official Junior Eurovision website, and also the same day of the final, on November 24, which can be seen on La 1 and TVE Internacional. Public and jury will decide, at 50%, who of the 19 participating countries stands with the small crystal microphone.

The Eurovision Junior Festival has some differences in the voting system regarding the visión senior ’Eurovision Festival. In this case, the spectators of each country can vote for their own candidacy.

Voting will open on Friday, November 22, two days before the final, on the official website of Junior Eurovision. There, viewers will find the 19 nominations, including the Spanish one, and will be able to vote for free for your favorites, from the country that is and wherever it is. They will have to select between three and five favorite contestants so that the vote is correct.

Voting they will close just before the grand finale begins, Sunday November 24 at 4:00 p.m. When all the performances are over Voting will reopen for 15 minutes. Registered votes will be counted by the organization, which will convert them into points following a proportional rule. The decision of the public counts 50% of the classification. The other 50% of the final result is decided by a professional jury.

María Isabel, Pablo Pinilla and Natalia Rodríguez, jury of Eurovision Junior 2019.
María Isabel, Pablo Pinilla and Natalia Rodríguez, jury of Eurovision Junior 2019.

This jury will be formed by 5 members, three professionals from the music industry and two children. In the case of Spain, the experts will be the composer, artist and producer Pablo Pinilla, who will be the spokesperson; and the singers Maria Isabel, winner of Eurovision Junior in 2004; Y Natalia Rodriguez, singer, songwriter and ex-contestant of Triumph operation. As a reserve jury will be the broadcaster of Radio 3 Julio Ruiz. With them, two children of the Orchestra of the Community of Madrid.

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