Surprising situation when voting for the President of Romania! A mayor did not vote because he does not feel represented – News on sources


The mayor of Baia Mare, Cătălin Cherecheş, declared in front of the polling station on Sunday, that he refused to express his right to vote because no candidate showed his support for the city's candidacy for the European Youth Capital status in 2022, according to Agerpres.

"I came to the polling station where I was rounded up, first of all with the thought for the community I represent, for the Balearic community, and with the thought of the important projects we have for the Balearic community. And I have waited, at least in this election campaign, as one of the candidates, but especially the candidates who during this campaign have held important functions in the state, to think about this community, in the sense that in 2022 we want to become the European Youth Capital. I asked the Government of Romania, the Presidency, but also the political parties for a support agreement for this, being, however, not about a Balearic, but it was about a project of national relevance, because I was proud and bringing the development youth area for the north-western area of ​​Romania, but also for the whole country, "said Cătălin Cherecheş .

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He also stated that in the second round of the elections he could vote, only if one of the candidates remaining in the contest shows support for the project dedicated to young people in the 2022 competition.

"I wait until the second round, at least those who enter the second round to make this gesture for the Balearic community. Until then, with regret, I will not participate in this vote because of the desire to highlight that in such a way. campaign, in such an election moment of major importance for Romania, however, each community is important, it must be respected, and as a candidate you must resonate with the relevant projects, especially as the projects that the community does show generosity for the whole country, "said Cătălin Cherecheş.

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The mayor of Baia Mare municipality made press statements in front of the "Anghel Saligny" Technical College in Baia Mare municipality, where the polling station is located.

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