Taison and Dentinho started crying at Shatior – Dinamo. The first, "red" for the gesture to the fans


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The Ukrainian championship derby was played on Sunday, Shakhtar-Dinamo Kiev, final score 1-0, one sprinkled with racist incidents. Brazilian Taison he gave up nervously at one point and showed his middle finger to Dinamo fans who were shaking him.
Just like Balotelli, in Serie A, Taison shot the ball at the fans and the referee eliminated it. It was the 82nd minute and the score was 1-0 for the hosts.

Taison and Dentinho started crying at Shaktior – Dinamo 1-0

Another Brazilian, Dentinho, burst into tears when he saw that Taison had to leave the field. "Central" temporarily suspended the game.

The other players on the field tried to comfort Taison, and Dinamo's leadership condemned the attitude of his fans: "Football is not a place of racism. #NoToRasism".

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Balotelli wanted to leave the field when the fans were mimicking the sounds of the monkeys

Mario Balotelli was also the victim of racist outbursts in Verona during the match between Hellas and Brescia (2-1) in Serie A.

The 29-year-old striker had a harsh message on his Instagram account against those who insulted him.
"For those people in the lawn who imitated the sound of monkeys toward me … Be ashamed. Shame on you. Shame on you. Do this in front of your children, wives, parents, family and friends … Shame", Balotelli posted.
Mario Balotelli reacted violently during the match against Verona's fans who insulted him: he kicked the ball in the stands and left the field nervously.
The referee temporarily suspended the game, and the 29-year-old footballer was finally convinced to return to the field.

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