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Terror on the streets! Police opened fire on the protesters


Terrorism has seized part of Hong Kong following protests erupted in the morning on the east side of the island. One protester was shot by a policeman, write

The law enforcement agencies opened fire to try to restore order among the protesters.

According to local media in Hong Kong, the incident related to the demonstrator's injury occurred in the eastern part of the island. According to the video footage made, it is observed that the protesters, dressed in black, were dressed in a police officer, who shot one of the protesters, who fell to the ground, in a pool of blood, with his eyes open.

He was taken to hospital, being in critical condition. Authorities have not yet commented on the incident. Protesters tried to form barricades to block roads in Hong Kong.
Pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong said on Twitter that harsh reprisals began earlier in the day and presented images of the clash between police and protesters.

"Nearly 9 o'clock in the morning, and in the other part of town, in Kwai Fong, a policeman who left with a motorcycle is driven by protesters," Wong wrote.

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