"That cleavage is not of Disney Princess, that the princes would put palote"


Days after being news for knowing how to be during the awards ceremony with César Vicente at the LOS40 gala, Ester Expósito it is again, but this time to demonstrate their education before Sultry questions by Álvaro Ojeda in an event and that have now been viralized on social networks, which condemn the attitude of the reporter.

The reporter of OkDiary covered the delivery of the Cosmopolitan Awards last October 24, where he ran into the actress.

"I saw this at Disney, but the cleavage was not worn by Disney princesses like that, huh? ". "Well, because we have evolved," replied the Elite actress.

Ojeda insisted: "Disney princes can get a little bit sticky". "Oh, please," Ester reacted, which Ojeda also questioned as a professional asking where he had acted. To the responses of the actress, who listed some of her works, the reporter did not pay much attention.

Singer Edurne also suffered Ojeda's impertinent questions, when asked only by her boyfriend, the goal of United David de Gea. "And you don't ask me, I'm the one here?"she asked. For his part, he said that just talk "about politics and sport", to which the singer responded without losing her smile: "Oh, so what am I going to talk to you about?"

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