"That politics does not put sticks to the exciting project of Pirineus-Barcelona 2030"


"It is really sad that we put above the political problem that sports. If we are able to overcome internal problems as a country, this winter candidacy makes sense and would help us give a definitive boost as happened with Barcelona'92," Peus demanded in the Europa Press Sports Breakfasts, sponsored by Repsol, Liberbank and State Lotteries and Betting.

The leader hopes that the "waters return to their channel and that the political issue is normal" because after living live PeyeongChang 2018 believes that Spain is "perfectly trained" to organize a Winter Games.

The Catalan made "a call to political institutions" to prevail "common sense" in Catalonia and Madrid and "think about sports." "We have a historic moment, Catalan and Spanish societies say they want the Games, please do not put politics on the wheels in this exciting project," he warned.

"The Pyrenees-Barcelona brand is very powerful. Barcelona is an avant-garde city with a lot of sporting tradition, and the snow world knows that it has a debt with the Pyrenees. We have that super powerful combination of the brand and Juan Antonio Samaranch Salisachs, vice president of the COI, it's very lively for it to happen, "he added.

On the other hand, Peus recalled that for this season they will have a test of the Snowboard World Cup in Sierra Nevada (March 6-7), another of the Formigal Speed ​​Ski World Cup and the test that will host Baqueira in December and that will bear the name of the late Blanca Fernández-Ochoa.

In addition, they continue to work with the FIS to host "a great event" such as the finals of the European Cup of Alpine Skiing, but "for the moment not to host World Cups such as the 2017 Snowboard in Sierra Nevada, which positioned them "in the world" and gave them a return impact on advertising of "60 million".


The president of the RFEDI stressed that "Spain is a magnificent country of sun and beach," but it had to be claimed that it was also "magnificent at the level of snow and mountains." "If all the parts go hand in hand with the 'Spain Snow' brand, we will be more attractive," he said.

The president stressed that his agency has "the very clear mission of sustaining and leading all sports development from the base to high competition", but not forgetting a "vision with a commercial, marketing point." "We have to make winter sports more attractive and closer to society so that there are more and more athletes and practitioners," he admitted.

"We have to reinvent ourselves. We have demonstrated budget efficiency compared to sports results, which I confess have surprised us. We can be satisfied with what we have achieved in this cycle," said Peus, who clarified that the number of licenses has grown , but "exponentially", and that they must invest "in projection of the future and in talented athletes". "We work for and for athletes, we cannot waste money," he warned.

On an economic level, he celebrated that they could fulfill "four years ahead of schedule the feasibility plan" imposed by the Higher Sports Council (CSD). "It is not comfortable to be subject to one, but we achieved enough liquidity to correct the debt. But I have surrounded myself with a good team and we are strict and clear with management," he said, also admitting that "political uncertainty makes it difficult to have a budget long-term".

Peus, accompanied by the 'rider' Regino Hernández and skier Juan del Campo, avoided talking about the case of the biathlete Victoria Padial, who was very critical of the distribution of money, and confirmed that they will work with Queralt Castellet, Although it also maintains discrepancies with the RFEDI and announced that it will not participate in the Snowboard World Cup due to lack of resources.


"Queralt is the only one to whom we saw a different way of working than we have. Since 2010 with the previous RFEDI agreed a different form of collaboration and gave a budget and trained differently. We are willing to reach an agreement and this Friday he picks up the prize that we have given him as the best athlete. The relations with her are correct, but when a Federation is managed, everyone cannot be satisfied, last year he passed us with Regino and Lucas (Eguibar) with the theme of ' skiman '", he considered.

The leader is confident that they can have a mixed team in the form of cross snowboarding for Beijing 2022 thanks to the appearance of María Hidalgo and is hoping to boost women's alpine skiing, in a program in which "three young girls" have entered.

"When we arrived, what scared us the most is the sporting heritage. Between Carolina Ruiz and Nuria Pau there were 13 years apart, there were no women in alpine. It is betting much, better or worse," he said, making it clear that in sports winter "there has always been a lot of parity" and that in the alpine there have been prominent women such as the aforementioned Ruiz, María José Rienda and Blanca Fernández-Ochoa.

He also spoke of the House of Spain that they have in Saas Fee (Switzerland) and that emerged “as a necessity of urgency.” In 2015 the budget was what it was, we had to provide sportsmen with a sports program and we saw the need to renting a hotel in Switzerland, to which we take a person from Spain who exploits it and is only open to Spanish snow athletes and where everything suits our athletes, "he said.

Finally, he does not know if he will face a third term after being re-elected last year. "We are passing through. Three mandates would be the most and I do not think it is good for anyone and less than two either because a project must mature. The first years were subsistence and now we can develop our projects, but if someone comes with a exciting project will take a step to the side because I understand that the RFEDI belongs to everyone, "he said.

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