The Attorney General's Office stops the person responsible for express kidnapping



The Attorney General's Office of Mexico City, in coordination with the Secretary of Citizen Security of the capital, executed an arrest warrant against a man for his probable responsibility for the crime of express kidnapping.

According to the Attorney General's Office, the subject identified as Aurelio Omar Matamoros Arechavala is related to various express kidnappings committed in the Polanco bar area.

He said that last October the arrest of five people was achieved, as well as the assurance of two vehicles, apparently used by this organization.

He pointed out that intelligence, cabinet and field work carried out by the Investigation Police (PDI) established that the probable person in charge was a member of the criminal organization that operated in the area of ​​bars and restaurants in Polanco.

He mentioned that in one of the investigation files, initiated on June 9, the complainant said that when leaving a bar and while waiting for a taxi service, requested through a telephone application, a black vehicle was parked in front of he and offered his services, and after taking it he was later retained with the help of two more subjects who climbed into the unit.

The agency said that in another investigation, on July 21, those affected requested a taxi through a cellular application and while they waited, a man aboard a Volkswagen, Passat type, black, offered the service, to repeat the robbery procedure, and then be abandoned in the Ahuizotla neighborhood, State of Mexico.

The agency said that in two other investigation folders, those affected denounced events with similar characteristics and modus operandi, when leaving a Polanco bar.

After various follow-up and surveillance work, the Investigation Police were able to obtain data regarding the vehicles used by the probable perpetrators, as well as the identity of some of them.

For this reason, he began permanent surveillance in the Miguel Hidalgo mayor's office and in the State of Mexico, since based on the testimonies collected from the victims, they were invited by the taxi drivers to take the service and once they started the march , were approached by armed subjects and deprived of liberty.

After integrating the investigation and gathering sufficient evidence, the Public Prosecutor of the Special Prosecutor's Office of Investigation for the Attention of the Kidnapping Crime, Anti-Kidnapping Force (FAS) requested and obtained from a Control Judge, the corresponding arrest warrant .

He added that agents of the Investigation Police arrested the subject in the streets of the Miguel Hidalgo mayor's office, without the use of force or involvement with third parties, and was placed at the disposal of the judge who required it, who ordered that he be admitted to the Preventive Men's Prison Orient until you prove your innocence.

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