The colors in which the Galaxy S11 and S11e will arrive are listed online! We also find the shades of the models Note 10 Lite, S10 Lite


The leaks associated with the Galaxy S11 series of terminals are increasing with the passing day, and only a few hours away from the news that the new flagship will inaugurate a display entitled "sAMOLED", here are now details about the color variants that will arrive. As expected, the shades are some common without spectacular news in this chapter.

Galaxy S11

We have it first and foremost Samsung Galaxy S11 coming in blue, gray and black, and secondly on the Galaxy S11e which will be available at the beginning in at least 3 color variants, these being the following: blue, gray and pink. The shade of pink should attract the female audience even more, along with the idea of ​​a more compact terminal, although there is a diagonal growth for this model.

As for the Note 10 Lite, the leaker says this more accessible phablet will be seen on store shelves in red, silver but also black. The Galaxy S10 Lite will be available in black, blue and white instead. We do not know when exactly these Lite models will debut, although I expect an announcement to be made by the end of the year because in the first months of 2020 we will already be attending the presentation of the S11 series flagships.

We are also learning today that the development of wireless headphones Galaxy Buds 2 (SM-R715) has already started, they will arrive on blue, pink, black and white.

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