The electorate sanctioned Dan Barna, I hope he does not deceive himself about it


The diaspora should receive more seats as a parliamentarian after the massive presence of Romanians abroad, polls the newspaper Cristian Tudor Popescu. At the same time, the newspaper considers the percentage obtained by Dan Barna is due to him and that "the electorate sanctioned it".

"The diaspora was extraordinary. First, there should be more parliamentary seats for the diaspora, obviously, than it has now, four. This cannot be the case, they have now shown that they have a very large voting power and, in my opinion, this participation in the diaspora's vote will continue to increase, because they have not broken up now. Many were so shocked by what they did in 2014, why they were made in 2019 in May, that they lost confidence in these elections. «Not MI'll take you there againno, sI am kept in the street in the rain » and so on. And now they have seen that it is possible. I believe that next time more will come to these elections and will increasingly count in elections. It was clear to any lucid analyst that Klaus Iohannis would win the diaspora election. That Barna was going to surpass Viorica Dăncilă, in the diaspora was very clear again, but Klaus Iohannis could not overcome him.

I don't think it matters much anymore, people have their options specified now. Those who are against Dăncilă and PSD are the others. So it doesn't bring them anything new about the PSD that they could. Of course it could! It could be done at any time if there was no character there, Mr. Melescanu, who played this role, as foreign minister. Each time he was, his main role was to block the diaspora. Why? BecauseThey knew the PSD very well that in the diaspora, any representative of the PSD, not only Mrs. Dăncilă, takes as much as 5 percent, 4 percent. I think it was more experienced voting. These voters are more skilled at voting. They voted knowingly. Not by chance did Mr. Barna get as much as he got. I hope he doesn't cheat on this. That's it, the electorate has sanctioned it”, The journalist Cristian Tudor Popescu told Digi24.

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