The fine for gambling houses that allow minors to enter could reach 600,000 euros


The Minister of Justice, Interior and Victims, Enrique López, advanced on Wednesday that the future law of the game of Madrid could contemplate penalties of up to 600,000 euros for betting premises that allow minors to enter. Today, the maximum amount is 9,000 and since 2017 64 fines have been imposed.

Betting house

"The Community of Madrid has declared war on gambling," said Lopez, who stressed that in the case of a "legal and regulated" economic activity, the intention of the Executive is to improve the regulations, since the game can refer to cases of gambling and affect very vulnerable sectors of society, such as youth or disadvantaged population.

The first step in this direction will be taken in a few weeks and will consist of the entry into force of the suspension of authorizations to new premises, a measure that was announced on Tuesday. Then a planning decree will be passed and later the new game law, which is expected to be ready this legislature.

The planning decree will address "clearly" what the future growth of this activity in the region should be. "We believe it is essential to take a still photo of the sector that allows us to address, guaranteeing legal security, a territorialization of gambling houses in a more orderly and rational model, "said Enrique López.

A betting shop in the municipal market of the San Diego neighborhood, in Puente de Vallecas

To these measures is added the creation by the Ministry of Health of a Prevention and research center on gambling and new technologies in adolescents and children, as well as the implementation of a Regional Strategy on Behavioral Addictions.

In addition, the regional Executive defends the need to promote measures in education, with the development of a plan of awareness and addiction prevention activities in the youth field.

Currently 22 bookmaker openings are being processed, so that at the end of the year there will be more than 400 establishments in the Community of Madrid.

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