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Alienware Area-51m has been announced with an interesting feature that users have not been able to benefit so far: the ability to upgrade the internal components. In general, laptops are pre-configured and apart from RAM or storage, upgrades are virtually impossible. However, DELL now offers an upgrade kit for those who have bought the most powerful laptop, and users can upgrade to an RTX 2070 or 2080 graphics chip.

Moreover, these options are not new. The Area-51m could be configured from the beginning with RTX 2060, 2070 or 2080 graphics cards. However, this upgrade kit offers the opportunity for those who bought the base model to upgrade their laptop, if they realized they needed it. more performance.

The kit includes a new board called DGFF (Dell Graphics Form Factor), a stronger cooling solution and a higher power outlet adapter. The upgrade process can be done directly by the user at home, but those who don't know or want to risk ruining something can call a DELL technician in the US. However, the prices for these kits are quite "piperate", especially when we consider the price of $ 2,000 / euro of the basic model.

For the RTX 2070 upgrade kit, those who want to upgrade an Alienware Area-51m will have to pay $ 1,040, while the upgrade to the RTX 2080 will cost $ 1,640. Upgrade prices are in tune with those that DELL requires when you initially configure your laptop to order. However, for those who want to upgrade now, in the next period, these kits are reduced on the company's website.

A promotional kit with RTX 2070 costs only $ 700 (32% discount), while a kit with RTX 2080 costs $ 1000 (39% reduction).

Of course, this type of laptop upgrade is very expensive, but top-performing gaming laptops are also very expensive. The ability to upgrade performance with the passage of time at a lower price than a new computer is appreciated, and over time prices may fall, as technology becomes more mature.

Of course, DELL is not the first company to offer such upgrades for laptops, but it is the first of the "mainstream" ones to offer upgrades for its gaming laptops. Manufacturers like Clevo, who build PCs including desktop processors, have been offering such upgrade packages for several years, writes

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