The great successes of the small presidents. Where the candidates below the waterline were voted


Eight of the 14 candidates for the presidential elections failed to reach the 3% threshold, above which the state settles their campaign expenses. Some have cast many votes in the localities where they were born, others especially in the counties of Moldova. Most were not even voted by as many people as, theoretically, signed for them to register in the electoral race. The only one who managed to win the elections in a locality is Alexandru Cumpănașu, in the Oltenian village where his granddaughter, Alexandra Măceșanu, lived, his campaign having as a starting point the crimes from Caracal. Of these candidates, Cumpănașu also scored the best score in the Diaspora, as close to Viorica Dăncilă.

1. Ramona Bruynseels: 2.6%, 244,275 votes

Counselor to the Government led by PSD, through Mihai Tudose and then Viorica Dăncilă, the candidate of the Humanist Party, founded by businessman Dan Voiculescu, gathered the most votes among the candidates who were not listed with a chance at the presidency. In the country, almost 233,000 people voted for it, and in the Diaspora 11,100.

Bruynseels scored the best percentage scores in the counties Hunedoara (4.35%), Braila (3.9%) and Buzau (3.6%). But most of the votes he collected in the counties Prahova (10,747), Constanța (9,654) and Cluj (9,003).

The polling station where Bruynseels collected the most votes was the one in the student canteen of the Polytechnic University of Timisoara – 69 votes. The next best section scores for Ramona Bruynseels were in Bragadiru and Voluntari, Ilfov County, with 65 votes.

In Cluj, where he was born, Ramona Bruynseels has the best score among the candidates below the line – 2.4% and almost 4,500 votes. However, the city was won by Klaus Iohannis.

In the diaspora, Bruynseels has the best scores in Italy (2,365 votes), Germany (2,233 votes) and the United Kingdom (2,178 votes). to London, Ramona Bruynseels scored the best scores on the polling station, the first five sections where she collected the most votes being in the UK capital.

2. Alexandru Cumpănașu: 1.5%, 141,316 votes

An independent candidate, who used to promote his candidacy for crimes in Caracal, in the summer, one of the victims being Alexandra Măceșanu, a niece of his, Cumpănașu managed to gather over 125,000 votes in the country and over 16,000 in diaspora. Fewer people voted for it than those who signed to support the candidacy.

He is the only one of the candidates with no chance, who managed to win the elections in a locality: in Dobrosloveni, Olt county, where his former granddaughter, Alexandra Măceșanu, lived. Cumpănașu drew over 500 votes there, winning the race with 35% of the vote.

In fact, Cumpănașu achieved the best results in Olt counties (4.4%), Calarasi (2.2%) and Ialomița (2%). Most of the votes he collected in the counties Olt (8,057), Prahova (5,436) and Constanta (5,142).

to Caracal, the city where he was born, Cumpănașu won 8% of the vote (1,025), overtaking PMP candidate Theodor Paleologu and almost equaling that of USR-PLUS, Dan Barna. But Caracal was won by Viorica Dăncilă, from PSD.

Cumpănașu also succeeded in obtaining the performance the best score in the Diaspora among the candidates with no chances – 2.5%, ie almost as much as Viorica Dăncilă. Abroad, he garnered the most votes in Italy (5,112), Spain (2,966) and Germany (2,469). The sections where Cumpănașu had the record of votes were in London and Turin – 131 votes each, and in Coslada, Spain – 111 votes.

3. Viorel Buckle: 0.52%, 48.662 votes.

The "dissident" from PNL, the businessman Viorel Cataramă won over 46,500 votes in the country and 2,028 abroad.

Elvila employer had the best scores in counties in Moldova – Botosani (1.15%), Bacău (almost 1%), but also in Tulcea (0.8%). As the number of votes, Cataramă gathered the most in the counties Bacău (2,412), Prahova (2,185) and Constanta (2,062). Most votes he had in the polling station in Roșiori, Botoșani county (33 votes), but also in two sections in Bacău municipality (20 votes each).

Born in Bacau, The buckle won over 1,000 votes in the city, that is, close by 1.4%, being surpassed only by Ramona Bruynseels, one of the candidates with no chance of running for president.

In the foreign countries, Viorel Cataramă took the most votes in Italy (534), Great Britain (350), and Spain (326). At a polling station in Forli, Italy, Cataram obtained its best result from the diaspora (46 votes), the next three sections with the most votes in his favor being in the United Kingdom.

4. Bogdan Stanoevici: 0.42%, 39.192 votes

The other, lesser-known actor from the presidency race, garnered more than 36,000 votes in the country and over 2,700 in the diaspora. As a percentage, Stanoevici performed in Bucharest, the city where he was born (0.67%), in Ilfov and Prahova with 0.61%. In terms of number of votes, most of them obtained in Bucharest (6,107), Prahova (1,995) and Constanta (1,745).

Most of the votes obtained by Stanoevici in a polling station were at the polyclinic in Balotești, Ilfov county and in the student canteen in Brașov. In Bucharest, Stanoevici cast the most votes school 198, from sector 6.

In the foreign countries, Stanoevici cast the most votes in Great Britain (742), Italy (508), and Germany (451), the three countries where, in each part, there were more than 100,000 votes. The record on polling stations obtained it at Doncaster, England (26 votes). In fact, the first 8 sections where Stanoevici got the most votes in the diaspora were in England.

5. Cătălin Ivan: 0.35%, 32,787 votes

Former member and member of the PSD, Cătălin Ivan made his own party, the Alternative for National Dignity (DNA) and collected 31,500 votes in the country and over 1,200 in the diaspora.

Most of Ivan's percentages were in Gorj counties (almost 0.9%) and Iasi (0.75%). As for the number of votes, Ivan won the most in Iasi (2,451) and Prahova (1,534). In Gorj, Ivan managed to form a strong party branch, managing to attract support from other parties, for example ALDE Gorj Vice President Adrian Rovența. In Iasi, Ivan was active politically in TSD, then in PSD, being also a county councilor.

The record in a polling station was taken by Ivan in a section of the town Plopșoru, Gorj County (151 votes), where Ivan's party has a branch, led by a local businessman, Dan Pop. In Galați, the city where he was born, Cătălin Ivan took 421 votes.

Abroad, Ivan got the most votes in a section of Brussels (12 votes). Most votes he got in Italy 261, Great Britain 222 and Germany 183.

6. Ninel Peia: 0.33%, 30,884 votes

Former PSD Member, Ninel Peia garnered over 28,000 votes in the country and nearly 2,400 in the diaspora. The best scores he achieved in counties of Moldova – Bacău (0.52%), Suceava (0.48%) and Neamț (0.47%). In terms of number of votes, Peia garnered the most in Bacău (1,267), Prahova (1,262) and Suceava (1,234).

Ninel Peia scored the best score in a polling station The village where he was born – Brastavățu, Olt county (35 votes). But the elections were won here by Viorica Dăncilă.

A few days before the election Sunday, Ninel Peia disappeared from the hotel where he was staying in Cluj and went to pray at the Putna monastery, according to his later explanations. At the polling station here, Ninel Peia got only 17 votes. For example, Cătălin Ivan, another unqualified candidate, won 79 votes at Putna Monastery.

In the foreign countries, Ninel Peia garnered the most votes at a section in London (26). Most votes in the diaspora got them in Italy (592), Great Britain (445) and Spain (333).

7. Sebastian Popescu: 0.33%, 30,850 votes

As a veterinary profession, Sebastian Popescu founded in 2015 the New Romania Party, along with three friends, using the decision of that year's CCR, which eliminated the restrictions for establishing a party. He collected over 28,000 votes in the country and over 2,500 in the diaspora.

Popescu has the best scores in Tulcea (0.53%) and Neamț (0.51%) counties. As for the number of votes, he collected the most in Prahova (1,317), Constanta (1,272) and Iași (1,237). The record of votes obtained by the young candidate in one section was in Periș, Ilfov County – 20 votes.

Popescu was born in Bals Olt County, where it obtained only 43 votes. The vote was won here by Klaus Iohannis.

In the foreign countries, Popescu got the most votes in Italy (616), Great Britain (523) and Germany (414). He got the most votes in one London section – 33. In fact, the first five sections of the diaspora in which he obtained the most votes are from the United Kingdom.

8. John Ion Banu: 0.29%, 27,769 votes

Returning from the US to become the president of Romania, John Ion Banu came in last place in the first round of the presidential elections. He collected less than 26,000 votes in the country and just over 2,000 votes in the diaspora.

Banu got the best scores in Tulcea county (0.44%) and in the counties of Moldova – Botosani (0.43%), Bacău (0.43%) and Neamț (0.42%). By number of votes, most votes were obtained by John Ion in Bacău (1,058), Prahova (1,045) and Iași (1,032). Banu shakes her off the fewest votes in sectors 1 and 5 of Bucharest, after Harghita and Covasna counties, where all candidates in the second grade had the lowest scores.

The polling station where Banu obtained the most votes was in the village of Sarafinești, Botoșani county – 16 votes. In the Campulung, where Banu grew up, he won only 61 votes.

In the foreign countries, most votes he got in Italy (547), Germany (274) and Great Britain (270), but also in Moldova (240). In fact, John Ion Banu set the record in the diaspora at Kishinev, where he took 20 votes in one of the sections. The first three polling stations where Banu cast the most votes in the diaspora were in Moldova. In the USA, where John Ion Banu emigrated before 1989, he managed to win only 18 votes.

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