The incidents of a Romanian from Siberia who voted by correspondence: "I became the agent 00007-RUS"


Marius Giura has been living for several years, together with his wife and five children, in the city of Ulan-Ude, the capital of the autonomous Republic of Buryatia, within the composition of the Russian Federation. He is a Christian missionary in the city with a population of about 350,000 inhabitants, located near the border with Mongolia. At the European Parliamentary elections, Marius Giura and his wife flew to Moscow and traveled around 10,000 kilometers in order to vote for the European Parliament and the Referendum.

At this year's presidential elections, he decided to vote by correspondence, but he had to face some difficulties in order to be successful. Although sending the envelopes with votes should have been paid by the Permanent Electoral Authority, the Romanian woke up with the envelopes returned to the sender, and subsequently had to pay to quake in Romania, also risking them not arriving in due time.

The man told the whole adventure on facebook:

As I wrote yesterday, I voted. Yesterday I also received confirmation that the envelopes with the votes for round 1 have arrived at the destination (the plural is for me & Adriana, my wife). It was not without incidents. Sending the envelope back to Romania as paid by the Permanent Electoral Authority. I went to the post office with them and they looked almost like UFOs. I explained that they are already paid. They received them, but they told me they were not sure that the envelopes would pass the sorting.

And they haven't passed. After a week, at intervals of several days, the envelopes arrived back to us, brought by the postman! One was written by hand with the "unmarked" pen, the other "sender" was translated, also with the "recipient" pen. I have read on Facebook similar situations in multilingual Switzerland or other European countries, not just in this end of the world where we live.

Because there was little time left (less than 2 weeks until November 7, the last day when the envelopes had to be sent to the Electoral Bureau for Voting by Correspondence), and the distance to the country was about 8,000 km + customs, we decided to send them together in a priority letter paid "by plane" (EMS). I kind of raised my eyebrows when I was told that it costs about 120 lei equivalent in local currency, but I paid and the votes went away (according to the workers at the counter, it seems that at that time I was the UFO. They didn't understand how I pay so much money to send some votes). And in my mind: "And yet, if I don't get there (on time) ?! I paid more! ”. But they arrived. Not the other, but we are the only Romanians living here.

P.S. I also became the 00007-RUS agent in these elections. You can see the code in picture # 3, the one with "sender". She wasn't going to take the Russians too seriously and start asking me questions!

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