The jury deliberates the verdict on the guilt of Rodrigo Lanza for the 'crime of braces'


The popular jury of the trial against the antisystem Rodrigo Lanza, accused of the murder in Zaragoza of a man wearing suspenders with the Spanish flag, deliberates this Thursday if he acted for a motivation of hate or in self-defense.

The jurors received this Wednesday at the Zaragoza Hearing the questionnaire prepared by the public, private (family) and popular accusations, exercised by Vox, and by the defense. After they retired to a hotel to study all the evidence presented in the case, which occurred in 2017.

This Monday has begun the trial against the young anti-system Rodrigo Lanza, accused of killing Víctor Laínez, 54, for wearing some Spanish flag braces. The deadly aggression took place in a bar in Zaragoza in December 2017. At that time, Lanza looked radically different from the current one.

According to the accusations, that they ask for a 25-year sentence for the accused, the braces with the Spanish flag worn by Víctor Laínez, 54, were the trigger for a violent reaction by the defendant that ended, four days later, with the death of the victim in a hospital.

Laínez was at 3 in the morning of December 8, 2017 at the "Tocadiscos" bar in Zaragoza in a quiet attitude, when Lanza, accompanied by three other people, entered the premises and began talking to the victim because of the braces he wore. From this moment, the versions of the owner of the bar and the casual witnesses and that of Rodrigo Lanza and a friend who accompanied him differ.

The owner of the bar and these witnesses reported at the hearing that Laínez was attacked from behind with a blunt object and that he was then violently beaten when he was on the ground, with kicks and punches tipped by Lanza.

The defendant, whose version corroborates his friend, said that Laínez was carrying a knife – which never appeared – and that he only defended himself for fear of dying. Forensic doctors stressed during the hearing that Laínez was attacked from behind with a blunt object and that death came upon him because of the blows received, when he could not defend himself.

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