"The last time was a scandal"


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The "telenovela" of Bogdan Planic's departure from FCSB seems to have come to an end, at least for a moment. The player spoke, exclusively for Telekom Sport, at the end of the match with FC Botosani about his situation from the "red-blue" group.

"I'm here. I have a contract. I don't want to talk, because the last time I talked about this was a scandal every day in the press."said the Serbian defender.

Initially, it was known that Bogdan Planic's deal with FCSB expires at the end of the current season, and the defender demanded a salary increase over Gigi Becali's chances to remain on the team. But the FCSB financier said just a few days ago that there is an extension option that he will activate, and Planic will stay at FCSB for at least another season.

"With Planic I made a contract for 3 years + 1 year. The duration of his contract is 4 years, not of 3. He has a year and a half of contract. I do not sleep anymore, ready! the boy has a year and a half of contract. I do not know what the businessman said, but he is not free. We have the documents, this is a document that I could only sign in this way ", said Gigi Becali.

  • 2.3 million euros is Bogdan Planic's share on the specialized site transfermarkt.com
  • There have been 82 matches played at FCSB so far. He scored a goal and offered two assists

Bogdan Planic, eliminated "free" with FC Botosani. Serious arbitration error

FCSB defender Bogdan Planic was eliminated in the match with FC Botosani after a yellow card. Warned first in the 26th minute, Bogdan Planic was sent to the booths in the 64th minute, after a supposed foul on the Macedonian Stefan Askovski. Iulian Călin without hesitation granted the second yellow card to the Serbian defender and eliminated him. However, the replays showed that Planic struck the ball before contact with Askovski.

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