The Local Police of Valencia reduces the district units from eight to seven before the next retirement of 340 agents


Two years after the restructuring of the Local Police of Valencia promoted by the then Councilor for Citizen Protection, Anaïs Menguzzato, and that meant the creation of the eighth district unit in Campanar, Benimàmet and the Turia Garden, the Valencia City Council has decided to undo the road walked and, by the hand of its successor, Aaron Cano, has announced a new map of territorial deployment of this body

The reorganization of the troops takes place mainly as a result of the voluntary retirement at age 60 of 175 agents scheduled for this year, and that of another 165 in 2020. In total, 340 agents less. This "high number" of retirements, together with the 10-year period in which no opposition was called, has resulted in a "significant decline in the workforce", according to Cano, which has been palliated, in part, with the public employment offers of the previous mandate, which will entail the incorporation of 30 local police officers in December and another 40 before next summer.

Former deployment of the Local Police, with the 8th unit, which disappears.
Former deployment of the Local Police, with the 8th unit, which disappears.

As a consequence of this scenario, the Valencia City Council has decided to alter the territorial deployment of the Local Police, although it is "non-negotiable to maintain the decentralized structure", in the words of the councilor. This modification will mean the disappearance of the 8th district unit, which will be absorbed by the 4th (west zone of the city, based in the Molí del Sol, next to the Parque de Cabecera) and by the 5th (Benicalap area).

Another outstanding novelty is the Creation of the Coexistence and Security Unit (UCOS) Day, to complete the night created in 2017 and focused on the control of the bottle and noise. With 40 agents and 10 patrols initially distributed in two morning shifts, UCOS Day will focus on the control of extraordinary markets, on the trail and on the illegal sale, and will also serve on weekends. Later, as the template increases, afternoon patrols will be created.

"We will transfer the police resources wherever they are needed," explained Cano, who also said that agents assigned to traffic management "will be increased" depending on the needs.

As he said, "it is not about keeping the numbers of the police, but increasing them." In this regard, he has stated that the number minimum required would be between 1,600 and 1,700 agents, compared to the 1,500 that currently make up the staff of the Local Police.

In addition, its intention is, as a result of an agreement with the Department of Resource Management of the City Council, "to gradually introduce administrative staff in the district units for the police to do merely police tasks, "he said.

Cano has framed this restructuring, regardless of the needs for retirement, in the expected budget increase for the Local Police in the municipal accounts of 2020, "the best in the chapter of investments in the last nine years", both in the improvement of facilities and material, as well as in the greater coordination with the National Police in citizen security and coexistence.

More coexistence problems than security

According to the councilman, between 80% and 90% of the crimes committed in the city "are based on problems of coexistence rather than security problems," among which he cited conflicts over street noise. Regarding the bottle, he stressed that "there has been no rebound" and that it is a youth leisure model based on "an excess of alcohol consumption that is not going to be stopped by police."

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