The Madrid budget for 2020 will grow 7.6%, to 4,686 million euros


The Madrid City Council increases its budget for next year. The municipal coffers will invest up to 4,686 million euros in 2020, that is, 7.6% more than in 2019.

The new government team is strongly committed to the area of ​​Environment and Mobility. If the initial investment in 2019 was 1,269.74 million euros, in 2020 it amounts to 1,402.03 million. Most of the areas will increase their investment, being more notable in Economy, Innovation and Employment (22.91% more in 2020), Works and Equipment (an increase of the budget of 16.82%) and Tourism and Sports (15, 64% more than the previous year).

Instead, the only area that will make cuts will be the Vice Mayor. If in 2019 it had 117.74 million euros, in 2020 it will be reduced by 15.95%, remaining at 98.96 million euros.

The Consistory also increases its investment in the 21 districts of the city. A total of 322.22 million euros will be allocated to the improvement of neighborhoods. If in 2019 the figures were 654.92 million euros, by 2020 they will amount to 707.25.

The districts that will receive the most investment are Vicálvaro and Vallecas: 30.58 million euros for the first and 33.61, the second.

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