"The man of the Tower" and the current culture


* In his most recent book, Pablo Lazo exposes how religious fanaticism can trigger episodes of violence

By Evangelina del Toro

Mexico, November 13 (Notimex) .— The book The Man in the Tower, by Pablo Lazo Briones, is a novel that takes place in a house located in the Roma neighborhood of Mexico City, it is thus a home where events of extreme violence occur, a situation that forces people to lock themselves up, create a world in that place and hate what happens outside of such space. Black, with a bit of psychological terror, the story focuses on two areas: inside and outside, as a metaphor for our xenophobias and hatred of what is different; a very noticeable dynamic is exhibited during the narrative, which focuses on reflecting how house rules become contempt for those who do not follow them. In an interview with Notimex, the writer commented that this story is carried out by a mother and her two children; in such a way, through the stories, she keeps them in a state of constant regression and terror until their teens. "This is where the real conflict of trusting too much in the laws of the house comes. Lazarus, who works in a wake, and Angela in a strip bar as a waitress, begin to have extreme violence in their jobs and things develop until that they try to run away from home, but they return without being able to avoid it. All they do outside is with the house rules, "he emphasized. Lazo Briones mentioned that the stories told originate from extreme religious fanaticism, with stories of “a kind of announcement that everything will end, as if it were an article of faith. It is a crazy fanaticism which guides the brothers. ” He said that this novel is told by another person, who lives in a tower, and hence the name of the novel. "There I play with the metaphor of what it means to be locked inside a tower in our culture. Where from the Middle Ages it was a place of punishment; but also of vigilance and that is the narrator who is participating in the events and in the end it will reveal who it is and why it counts all that, "he said.

Influence of Fuentes and García Lorca

Pablo Lazo explained that in his book he shows a wink of madness about the events of the mother and her children. The man in the tower was influenced by the novel Aura, by Carlos Fuentes, as well as La casa de Bernarda Alba, written by Federico García Lorca, among other texts that inspired his novel. "It is the fictional incarnation of a narrative and with a style that sometimes reaches the raw and in parts is also grotesque; but it is a very lively narrative. The structure of the whole novel was how to maintain the balance between someone who can being a cannibal self and someone who is criticizing. There is also a turn of social and political criticism, "he explained. He said that he is about to finish another novel that could be delivered next January, in which the theme is more playful, with young hipsters who play unexpected events for a game. After writing three essays, Lazo Briones took a leap into the novel: “I liked it, I already got involved in this and I think it was also my true vocation and the other was an academic job, I like it but it really convinces me "

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