The Mexican Revolution to debate


* Historian Javier Garciadiego reflected on which characters participating in this historical event could rise to heroes

By Luis Galindo

Mexico, November 12 (Notimex). – Historians Javier Garciadiego and Anna Ribera Carbó addressed issues about national heroes and transcendent aspects of the Mexican Revolution, during the National Institute of Historical Studies of the Revolutions of Mexico ( INEHRM). During the first table of the "Mexican Revolution Colloquium. The first social revolution of the twentieth century", Javier Garciadiego, who originally analyzed the vision of the Mexican Revolution as a whole, particularized its exhibition theme and shared a specific reflection with the public: which revolutionary characters could be built as heroes and raised to the altar of the Fatherland? “Believe me, that is a difficult task. The Catholic Church has done it throughout two thousand years of history … and every time it tries to make a change in terms of moving a character from the side altar to the center or raising it as a saint, this has repercussions, ”explained the also a Mexican researcher and academic. He pointed out that something is clear about this issue: former president Plutarco Elías Calles could not be a new hero, "and it is a pity, because he was a revolutionary and a politician, who resolved one of the worst crises the country has faced. , and that must be recognized; I admire politicians when they solve crisis, not when they produce them. ”In turn, Anna Ribera Carbó mentioned that the figure of Ricardo Flores Magón starts from a young age in activities against Porfirio Díaz; but it is from of 1900 when he founded – together with his brothers – the newspaper Regeneración, which integrates the so-called precursor movements of the Mexican Revolution: “That will mark Ricardo and Enrique Flores Magón in a remarkable way, then the group of collaborators who will be part of the editorial board of Regeneration – publication with a liberal origin – became very powerful, to the extent of establishing itself as an opposition to Porfirio Díaz himself, ”said the Doctor of History from the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

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