The most beloved president, released from prison, promises he will fight to the death for his people


Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was greeted by an impressive number of people. It had been closed in April 2018 for corruption. He always claimed it was a plot.

Lula free!

A part of the population shouted their joy Friday afternoon on the streets of Brazil. The justice could only allow him to be released from the prison in Curitiba, located in the south of the country. He was released on the day of the judgment of the Supreme Court. This, yes, application "immediately". Just out of prison, part of the population shouted their joy Friday afternoon on the Brazilian streets. Legendary figure of the Brazilian left was released after a year and a half spent behind bars. He came to freedom with his life partner, the sociologist Rosangela da Silva, hugging the supporters and greeting the crowd with the fist, promising that "it will continue to fight for the Brazilian people."

Why the left leader was arrested

Luiz Inacio da Silva, 74, was accused of receiving a triplex in a seaside resort near Sao Paolo in exchange for awarding a contract to a construction company. From his cell, he continued to claim his innocence, constantly claiming that he was the victim of a plot to prevent him from returning to power. The first sentence of appeal was set on November 27.

Even before his release, the former president announced his intention to participate in most tournaments throughout the country, the famous "caravans" that allowed him to increase popularity among the poor, but also to travel abroad to represent the opposition, until now imperceptible to far-right President Jair Bolsonaro.

Leaders welcoming the release of Brother Lula

If Justice will allow him to go abroad, he plans to travel abroad: the daily O Globo says he was invited to invest in Argentina's new Peronist bill president, Alberto Fernandez, on December 10. In recent statements to the press, Lula did not rule out running for presidential elections in 2022. But in August 2018 the Supreme Electoral Tribunal declared Lula incompatible because the law "Ficha Limpa" forbids this to anyone who is convicted. This prohibition declines since his conviction for the "triplex case", but can be overturned. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro welcomed "the release of Brother Lula", notes Le Parisien.

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