The moving letter of Leo Iorga's brother, intended for the artist: "I will live my life with your light"


Cristi Iorga posted on his Facebook account an emotional letter for his brother. The text represents a poem that was composed of the titles of the songs sung by Leo Iorga over the years. '

The artist's brother named the text published in the online medium "Telegraphic letter to my brother" and with him he published several pictures with the sorry musician, photos that present, in chronological order, their life.

"It's" Autumn in my soul ", I would like to ask" Think of me ". I walk like "Hoinarul" through "Rain falling" on "Desert streets".

I am thinking "Alone in the night" to write a "Letter" that includes "My love" for you even "After years and years", in which to say finally "Forgive me".

"Every day", reminding me of "Your face" on the "Brigadiers" saying "Stories from the station", from which the question "Who is to blame" for the "Lost Train" again provokes me "Another silence".

You taught me to "Do not go back" and you said "Call an angel" in "Days" when "Rain" will cover your eyes. Although it is «Another day without you» «With your light» I will live my whole life.

«Too small are the words» I can thank you for everything you have taught me dear Lila.

"I will Always Love You". Your brother Cristi ", is the text posted by Cristi Iorga.

"As long as God keeps me on earth, I want to sing!"

In a June 2019 interview with Europa FM radio station, Leo Iorga was asked if he was happy and his answer was: "Yes and no. Yes, because God gave me this life that others have not lived in seven lives. No, because I don't have enough time to do what I want and enough physical form. I am happy because I can live today and thank God for that. "

In order to extend his life, Leo Iorga tried including the Cuban vaccine and immunotherapy. None of this, however, kept him away from the stage and the audience who loved him.

The love of the family and the fans made him move on. "As long as God keeps me on earth, I want to sing," he said, according to

Eight years marked by operations and treatments

A year later, the artist underwent another surgery to remove his left adrenal gland, which had been out of operation for several years.

In early 2019, the artist's family announced that the disease had recurred, and friends, guild colleagues and fans mobilized to raise the € 70,000 needed for an intervention in Germany. The medical procedures continued in Hamburg, but also in Bucharest this year.

Leo Iorga, the symbol of Romanian rock

Leo Iorga, with a career of over 40 years, soloist of the bands Compact, Cargo, Pacific, Exchange 3 and PACT by Leo Iorga & Adi Ordean, will remain a symbol of Romanian rock. His voice is identified with songs such as "Think of me", "After years and years", "Alone in the night", "Rain", "Autumn in my soul", "Lost train" and "Who are you? ".

Leo Iorga was born in Arad in 1964 and made his debut as a drummer in the "Ioan Slavici" High School band. Between 1984 and 1985 he was a soloist in the Pacific group, and from 1985 to 1988 he was drummer and soloist for Sui-Generis. Later, he became the soloist of the Cargo band, launching the hits "Brigadiers", "Stories from the station" and "Erata".

After that, from 1988 to 1996 he was a soloist with Compact. In 1996 he joined Exchange 3.

Despite the health problems, in 2012, the musician Leo Iorga formed, together with Adrian Ordean, the band Leo Iorga & Ordean. Alex Ardelean (guitar), Cristi Iorga (drums), Dan Stesco "Polymoog" (claps) and Marian "Lacke" Mihăilescu (bass) were joined in this formula. From December 2012, the band will be called PACT by Leo Iorga & Adi Ordean. In 2014, the group released the album "Number One", with re-orchestrated tracks.

In 2017, Compact B met in the form of Adrian Ordean, Costi Cămărăşan, Leluţ Vasilescu, Adrian Coco Tinca and Monel Puia, invited guest being Leo Iorga.

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