The number of billionaires has increased by 40% over the last five years. Where the richest people on the planet live


In 2018, four out of 10 billion women from around the world built their businesses in the consumer and retail sectors, as is the case of Anastasia Sun, a Romanian-American businesswoman, who founded the beauty brand. Anastasia Beverly Hills reports a UBS study.

According to the Swiss financial company, the number of billionaires continues to grow worldwide, despite the fact that the richest people on the planet have felt the economic instability of the last year, notes Mediafax.

Currently, there are approximately 2,101 billionaires worldwide – with 589 people (or 38.9%) more than five years ago, according to the UBS report "Billionaire Insights" this year. According to the analysis, their cumulative wealth increased by more than a third (34.5%), reaching $ 8.5 billion.

The total wealth of the billionaires decreased, in 2018, for the first time in the mentioned period, amid the increase of the dollar, the fear for a lower economy and the volatility of the financial market, the Swiss company found. However, billionaires' wealth has been valued at 2.2 trillion dollars from 2013 to date.

US billionaires were the only ones who did not suffer in 2018, their wealth increasing insignificantly by 0.1%. At the end of last year, the American continent was home to 749 billionaires with a cumulative fortune of $ 3.6 trillion.

However, the Asia-Pacific region remains the largest number of rich people in the world. With 754 billionaires, whose combined wealth totaled $ 2.5 trillion, the region accounts for 36% of the global population of billionaires. In this regard, China holds 43% of billionaires in the region, India 14%, Hong Kong 9% and Japan only 4%.

In Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the number of billionaires last year dropped to 598 people, whose combined wealth totaled $ 2.4 trillion.

The UBS study also shows that the number of women billionaires has increased considerably compared to that of men: in five years, the number of women has increased by 46% and that of men by 39%. Last year, there were 233 female billionaires worldwide, 46% more than the 160 registered in 2013.

"While Asia continues to be seen as having a culture that is traditionally male-oriented, it is truly encouraging to see that the number of female billionaires has almost doubled in the last five years," said one of the UBS report the partners of the Swiss bank, Julia Leong.

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