The polls do not forgive


The 10-N elections have taken their toll. The dissent that caused the electoral advance generated a vote of punishment of an unusual hardness for the formations to which the citizens are responsible for the blockade.

Punishment for the left as a whole for staging his inability to reach any consensus to govern, substantiated in a notable loss for United We and his obsession with the armchairs, and a cut of three seats of the PSOE, when his expectation was that of a strong increase derived from the second round effect by The one who bet.

That effect could also shoot the PP to a hundred seats and so expected in Genoa, but its successful drift was reduced in recent weeks by the push of VOX.

The formation led by Abascal knew how to monopolize the vote of angerfor a political scenario that was irritating. No party has paid so much for that irritation as Citizens who on April 28 had in his hand the arithmetic for a stable government and despised it in favor of an ambition to overcome the PP that was lethal.

A whole generation of leaders is questioned by these results. Either they change their attitude and put Spain's interest above their own or they will pay it even more expensive. The polls no longer forgive

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