The PP moves to lead the debate in defense of concerted education


He PP It has not been slow to move since the general elections. Reinforced by its rise in seats, those of Pablo Casado They parked the tug of war yesterday after the pre-agreement of Sanchez with Iglesias and focused on their defense of concerted education. It is the answer to the words of the acting minister, Isabel Celáa, who pointed out that "the right of choice of center is not a constitutional right." Something that has triggered the alarms in Genoa.

In fact, the party president himself held a meeting with representatives of the concerted school to show their support. And the popular said they are willing to go to court to defend this educational model. "Sanchez has been questioning concerted education for years, but we are going to defend it as an essential pillar for millions of Spanish families, "he said. Pablo Casado after seeing, also, with the counselors of Education of the PP. Along the same lines as Casado, the vice secretary of Social Policy of the PP, Cuca GamarraHe said that his party will defend "politically and legally" the freedom of parents to choose the education of their children, with the option of schools, for which he is willing to go to court if necessary.

Gamarra He stressed that the training position seeks to guarantee "constitutional rights" for which his party will act "in all areas", with a battery of local and regional initiatives, and also supporting some initiative that may have citizens to claim this right, as demonstrations in defense of concerted education The vice secretary explained that there is a lot of "nervousness and alarm" in families after the statements of the acting minister. "These are words that constitute a threat" because the plans framed in the so-called law Celáa "They were moving in the direction of limiting parental choice." He PP makes it clear that in the communities where he governs –Galicia, Castilla y León, Madrid and Andalusia– he will guarantee the right of parents to “freely choose” the education they want for their children, something that “does not correspond to the State not even the lady minister. "

In this sense, the Popular Parliamentary Group In the Assembly of Madrid yesterday he registered an initiative to defend it in plenary session by means of which he wants the Government of Spain to guarantee a concerted education before the, as they explained, "disastrous" statements by the minister. The regional spokesman of the PP, Alfonso SerranoHe explained that this initiative aims to urge the Madrid's community continue promoting "freedom of education and freedom of education in the Community", a "model of success that has to do not only with the freedom of education in schools, but also the freedom of choice of parents. Also, they intend that with this proposal without the rank of law the regional government urges the central to guarantee this right that “includes the Constitution".

"Many things have been said here in the wake of the disastrous statements of the acting minister of education but it is a reality that the Constitution Spanish respects and defends and protects that right of families and parents. We want the Assembly Give a clear and unambiguous message in favor of freedom and we hope you have the support to move forward, "Serrano told reporters.

He also referred to the matter itself Isabel Celáa. The acting minister assured that the government He has not changed "at all" his treatment to the concerted network, so he has commented that if "someone or someone are interested in changing that treatment that says so and says why." Celáa He recalled that "education is a fundamental right that implies the correlative obligation of public authorities to provide it."

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