The Prosecutor's Office again asks for prison for the four CDRs whose cars were canceled


The Prosecutor's Office has returned Wednesday to request jail for the four alleged members of the Defense Committees of the Republic (CDR) whose records of September 26 were annulled this Tuesday by the National Court because they were not given essential information for their defense in the case, which was then secret.

Before this decision of the second section of the Criminal, the judge of the case, Manuel García Castellón, has been forced to repeat this Wednesday the corresponding tables of article 505 of the Criminal Procedure Law for these four persons: Guillem Xavier Duch, Eduardo Garzón, Xavier Buigas and Alexis Codina.

According to legal sources, the lieutenant prosecutor, Miguel Ángel Carballo, has again requested his entry into pretrial detention for terrorism offenses providing more details than he once offered to ask the judge for this precautionary measure, also taking into account that recently the secret of this case was partially raised.

Also popular accusations, coordinated by the Catalan Association of Victims of Terrorist Organizations (Acvot), They have requested that the four investigated remain in prison.

Conversely, the defenses have asked for their freedom and have alleged lack of evidence of terrorism and, therefore, lack of competence of the National Court to investigate them.

The spokeswoman for the defenses, Eva Pous, who for the second time has refused to make statements in Spanish to journalists, has considered that this situation is an "anomaly" and has reiterated the "violation of fundamental rights" that in his opinion suffer the investigated.

After holding the hearings, in which the four investigated have not intervened, The judge is scheduled to make a decision this afternoon.

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