"The right of parents to choose a religious education does not emanate from the constitution"


Acting Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Isabel Celaá, said Thursday that the freedom of parents to choose a religious education or choose a teaching center for their children "they are not strict emanation of the freedom recognized in article 27 of the Constitution".

He said it during the inauguration of the XV Catholic Schools Congress (They represent 15% of the total system and 58% of private-concerted education) held until Saturday in Madrid, and in which more than 2,000 directors, teachers and holders of Catholic educational centers meet.

"No way it can be said that the right of fathers and mothers to choose a religious education or to choose an educational center could be part of the freedom of education ", included in the Constitution, Celaá insisted, words that have provoked murmurs of protest in Congress.

Celaá has continued to defend that the choice of center "will be part of the bundle of rights that fathers and mothers may have under the legal conditions determined ".

The minister also explained that "freedom of education has been representative of those positions that postulated an active defense of the educational centers in private hands against the position of public authorities as educational subjects. "

"That this expression has usually meant this in the history of our country does not imply that its use by the Spanish Constitution responds to the historical premises described," added Celaá, who has recalled a ruling of the Constitutional Court of 1981 in this regard.

"It does not mean that there is no freedom, means that it is not within article 27 "He has emphasized.

The minister has recognized that the concert model has a "long term", is "almost unpublished in Europe", and has allowed "stabilize proportions of students served by public and concerted networks".

Married asks for clarification from Sánchez

The leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, has claimed the president of the acting Government, Pedro Sánchez, that "clarify" If you consider that the rights of parents to choose an educational center "are not strict emanation" of the Constitution, as stated on Thursday by the acting Minister of Education, Isabel Celaá.

The president of the PP has responded to the words of the acting minister through Twitter, where he said that freedom of education is "fundamental" in democracy and "It is guaranteed by the Constitution."

"Sanchez must clarify if he agrees with Celaá and if this is the model of the new radical leftist government. They talk about freedom, but they cut her when she doesn't fit her ideology ", concluded Married.

The Episcopal Conference hopes that "it is a lapse"

The secretary general of the Spanish Episcopal Conference (CEE), Luis Argüello, said Thursday that expected to be "a lapse" The statements of the Minister of Education, Isabel Celaá, that parents' freedom to choose a school for their children does not emanate from the Constitution.

Argüello argues, in a statement, that "article 27 of the Constitution, read in its ten points, is the basic expression of the educational pact in Spain with three pillars: derect to education, freedom of education and parental rights. "

"We hope that, in the framework of the cordial tone of the Minister's greeting, the exclusion of the right of parents it was a lapse; otherwise, it would be a turn in the educational policy of extraordinary gravity for the right of parents and the freedom of education in a society so plural that it requires common educational bases and development according to the convictions of families and their initiative social ", warns the general secretary of the EEC.

Rights that, according to Argüello, "administrations must guarantee in accordance with the Constitution and international treaties signed by the State ”.

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