The sale of housing softens its fall to 12% in September


The sale of housing fell 12% in September compared to the same month of 2018, until 37,995 operations, with which this indicator chained two consecutive months downwards but softened its fall compared to August, when 21.1% collapsed.

With the ballast of the entry into force in the new Mortgage law In the background, coupled with political instability, the sale of new housing fell in September 20.1%, to 6,427 units, while the second-hand market contracted 10.1%, with 31,568 operations (83.1% of the total).

In the accumulated since January, the sale of houses has fallen 3.2%, driven by the 4.2% decrease in the sale of second-hand homes and despite the 1.4% rebound in the new construction segment.

Regarding August, the market picked up 7.4%, thanks to the sale of used houses (9.1%) as the new construction It kept stable, according to the statistics of the INE, that when elaborated with data of the registrars reflect operations closed before a notary a couple of months before.

Back at year-on-year rates, in September, the sale of free housing fell 11.4% and added 34,493 operations, and that of protected houses fell 17.1% (3,502 transactions). Since the beginning of the year, the free market has fallen by 3.1% and the official protection market by 3.8%.

By autonomous communities, the home buying and selling It rose only in Aragon (3.7%) and Murcia (3.1%).

The greatest decrease occurred in Asturias (25.7%), La Rioja (25.2%), Navarra (22.6%) and the Canary Islands (20.8%). In the two main markets of Spain, Madrid and Catalonia, the declines were 16.2 and 5.9%, respectively

In September, the total number of transmitted farms registered in the property records and from public deeds previously made stood at 143,471, 3.7% less than a year earlier.

The sale of farms added 74,741 operations, 11.9% less, and swaps fell 16.6% (428). In contrast, donations skyrocketed 22.7% (3,709) and inheritances grew 4.4% (33,414).

Land consolidations, horizontal divisions, joint operations or mixtures of various transmission titles, transmissions without acquisition title, payment in payment, foreclosures and judicial awards advanced 8.9%, up to 31,179 operations.

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