The Samsung Galaxy S11 appears in these three formats


The Samsung Galaxy S11 series appears according to a reliable source in three screen sizes. The successor to the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is the only one to receive a 5G version.

Rumor: The Samsung Galaxy S11 appears in these three formats

It has been teeming with months of rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S11. Most claims come from dubious sources. That kite does not go before Evan Blass. This telecom insider has already been right several times and now predicts that the Samsung Galaxy S11 will appear in three formats.

Samsung Galaxy S10 preview

According to Blass, the smallest version will have a screen size of 6.2 or 6.4 inches. The second version, with its 6.7-inch screen, is a bit bigger. The trio is complete with the largest Samsung Galaxy S11, which would get a 6.9-inch screen format.

The smallest version is probably a successor to the Samsung Galaxy S10e, the current compact model. The device with 6.7 inch screen is almost certainly the new Galaxy S10. The largest phone of the set, with a 6.9-inch display, cannot fail to be the successor to the Galaxy S10 Plus.

Blass also mentions that Samsung slightly adjusts the design. According to him, the screen edges of the entire Galaxy S11 line run smoothly in the back, unlike the design of the Galaxy S10e, which is more angular.

"Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus only gets 5G"

Finally, Blass mentions that the suspected Samsung Galaxy S11e and "regular" Galaxy S11 appear in both 4G and 5G variants. The first version is particularly interesting for the Dutch, because the 5G network is not yet ready for use. At the time of writing, T-Mobile is conducting a national 5G network test.

The insider reports that the largest Samsung Galaxy S11 phone only comes with 5G connectivity. This does not mean that the device is unusable in the Netherlands, because according to Blass the Galaxy S11 Plus can also switch back to the 4G network.

Samsung is expected to release the Galaxy S11 phones sometime in February of 2020. Until that time Android Planet you informed of all rumors and new information. Sign up for our newsletter, or download the free Android app to not miss anything!

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