The SAR has added "andropausal" to its dictionary: What is andropause?


Last week, on November 7, 2019, all media echoed new news. The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) introduced new terms in its dictionary. One of them has been 'andropausal', an adjective that refers to the male menopause, a concept, at least, little known. Menopause has always been a term that has been related to women. With regard to men, the most common have been references to what is known as the "crisis of the forties." However, this new concept that the SAR has decided to include in its dictionary allows us to deepen the male climactericAndropause, also called PADAM (Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome), is defined by some studies as a "Natural syndrome that affects most men after age 50". This is because testosterone levels are reduced causing physical and intellectual abilities to be impaired.Some researchers have come to recognize different symptoms that may appear during andropause. However, most agree that they usually manifest in a very progressive and slow way. Some of the most characteristic are the following: As we can see, an andropausal man can notice how his sense of well-being decreases and how his libido decreases progressively. Also, this discomfort and lack of self-esteem, which is related to the physical changes that your body is experiencing (increased body fat), results in a lower quality of orgasms you experience generating great frustration.The treatments are intended to relieve and reduce the exposed symptoms. Remember that it is not a disease that can be cured, it is something that arises naturally. These are some ways to mitigate its effects: However, there are a number of habits that should be introduced into daily life to see A more accelerated improvement. Thus, eating a healthy diet (you can go to a nutritionist), exercise regularly, worry about resting the right hours and reduce as much as possible the consumption of substances such as tobacco or alcohol They will be necessary changes to increase well-being.Andropause can last indefinitely, so it is important that, from the age of forty, begin to carry out the habits described above to prevent the impact it may have in the event that it appears. However, as we mentioned, its symptoms progress slowly and progressively, and in some cases it is hardly noticeable. Although, as always, this will depend on each person.

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