The scattered fail the name of a curious species of tyrannosaurus in 'Boom!'


The scattered they blew up on Thursday the fourth bomb of the main phase of Boom! after failing the name of a species of tyrannosaurus. "Head!" the contestants exclaimed after the unexpected mistake.

"There is a kind of tyrannosaur that is popularly known by the name of this fictional character: Dracula, Terminator, Pinocchio, Chewbacca or Dumbo, "read on the screen.

Faced with this issue, Manolo, Óscar, Victoria and Miguel Ángel were doubtful. "Come on, Pinocchio!", The contestants agreed, which caused the bomb to explode in their faces. "Wow, what eye do I have, huh?", Victoria joked.

"This tyrannosaur was discovered in China. He had a very long snout, Like Pinocchio In the picture it seems harmless, "informed them, laughing, the host of the Atresmedia space, Juanra Bonet.

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