The Supreme Court's ruling on the City of Justice is "imminent"


The Minister of Justice, Interior and Victims, Enrique López, reported Thursday that the ruling of the Supreme Court on the City of Justice in Madrid is "imminent" and fio the future of the macroproject that was devised for the park of Valdebebas to the sense of the failure of Alto Court.

Resource image of the President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, and the Regional University Advisor, Eduardo Sicilia.

Lopez made this announcement during the control session to the Government in the regional Assembly. It was Deputy Jacinto Morano of United Podemos, who introduced the question of the City of Justice on the agenda, projected in 2005 by former President Esperanza Aguirre as a campus of 12 buildings and paralyzed in 2015 by Cristina Cifuentes, a withdrawal that the contractors of the works took to the courts and on which the Supreme Court will decide shortly. Until then, only one building had been built and more than 100 million euros had been invested.

"I ask you not to tell me that you are waiting for a judicial resolution and that depending on it they will have some plans or others, "said the deputy of the progressive formation in the introduction of the question. And that was precisely the answer given by the Minister of Justice, who offered more details in the reply.

"We are waiting for a reason of pure prudence"López said, "he asks me to do some sort of speculation, but no, my team is working on both options," he insisted. "When that resolution occurs, you and the whole society will know what the future of the City of Justice will be," he added.

Morano reproached the regional Executive that they are launching "probe balloons" on the continuation of the Valdebebas project and "simultaneously" talk about 21×21 plan, which provides for "the modernization and construction of judicial headquarters." "One of the two things is going to be superfluous," said the Parliamentarian of United Podemos.

Yolanda Ibarrola, Minister of Justice of the Community of Madrid

"If then they will continue with the City of Justice, with the modernizations or concentrations of headquarters that are already doing, they will be throwing money from Madrid to the sinkhole, "Morano said," and if they do not continue with it they will have thrown away the money already invested (in Valdebebas), "the opposition deputy said." You are the counselor of victims. Please, that one of them is not the Madrid justice, "Morano appealed to López.

He argued that the plan called 21×21 does not address the modernization of buildings, but "judicial parties." "The most important, by size, is that of Madrid, which requires a concentration of infrastructure at the height of the magnitude of a city as the capital. That is our commitment, "said the head of Justice.

"Whatever the decision of the Supreme, the purpose of this counseling and this government will be to provide Madrid with a concentrated judicial infrastructure and, of course, taking advantage of what is already built in the Valdebebas park, "Enrique López insisted, to add that all this will be carried out" in a reasonable time. "

"I am convinced that Madrid society will see this legislature," said the counselor, who asked "patience and responsibility" a United We can with a "very important" project for Madrid people.

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