The textile company Amichi announces a second ERE on the entire workforce and the closing of its stores


The textile brand Amichi, owned by Black Toro Capital, has announced a second ERE over the entire workforce and the closing of its stores, after not finding a buyer.

The company has been a group of creditors since last July and has requested the Commercial Court number 2 of Madrid the start of the settlement process, something that will materialize "imminently".

In fact, last October the unions reached an agreement on the ERE "given the borderline situation of the company that endangered the payment of compensation"This agreement contemplates a compensation of 20 days per year worked with the limit of one annuity and a compensation supplement of 48,000 euros so that it can be distributed linearly among the affected workers.

In recent months the stores have continued to operate, trying to liquidate 'stock' accumulated from previous seasons.

In August, the company launched the first ERE, leaving part of the thousands of workers it had and paid processing the first layoffs.

In 2018, the same brand, after entering its capital in Black Toro, set the goal of opening 40 new stores to add to the 150 stores it had and Double your sales in three years.

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