The "Tigers" were severely punished in the Champions League! What did not go to the match CSM Bucharest – Esbjerg. Reactions from the camp of the Bucharest band


CSM Bucharest suffered the first failure of the season also in the Champions League, after it was defeated by Esbjerg in "Polyvalent" with a score of 25-21. Adrian Vasile, but also the players of the CSM Bucharest team claimed that the match was lost from the first half.

Many wrong passes and missed situations, including three shots from 7 meters, plus a slow game in attack were part of the "arsenal" of the CSM Bucharest team in the meeting with Esbjerg, being unrecognizable. Thus, the representative of Romania lost the first game in front of a Danish team in Bucharest, in the Champions League.

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"I entered the game pretty bad, at least the first 20 minutes were not good, I made many technical-tactical mistakes. Then I ran the whole game after them. Now we cry for the lost points, Esbjerg did not surprise us at all, we knew what he was playing. In Rostov Don we must first of all concentrate on having a good time ”, said Iulia Curea.

"I think the start was not very good, so we had to watch the whole match. I was close to them for a long time, but in the end, unfortunately, I lost, ”Jelena Grubisic said.

"When we score only 21 goals, it is easier to say that the attack did not work. I think I had a combination of too many technical mistakes, too many failures that I don't trust in the end, "coach Adrian Vasile pointed out.

The CSM Bucharest coach also said that a player who returns after a ligament rupture, such as Cristina Neagu, would need 3-4 months to return to the top: "In the book it says that after you come back, at 3-4 distance you can return to the top, but it also depends on how the body reacts to each one. We must have patience with Cristina Neagu, because she has only been a week since she came back ”.

CSM Bucharest already has a difficult situation for the Main Round after this defeat. Things can improve next week, with a success in Rostov, in the last match of Group B.

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