The trick to record a WhatsApp audio and send it whenever you want


The audios or voice memos WhatsApp have made life easier for the user of the instant messaging application that many already confess that they just write on the screen of their smartphone.

However, to many this technique has not been convinced because they are sent on the spot.

For this there is a trick that does not involve any type of installation, but it does create a chat in which only you are with another contact you trust.

Step by step, you should go to the options menu, which is the icon of the three points in the upper right corner, and click on New group.

Then, you have to add the participants. In this point, just integrate only one of your contact list. Then, we must proceed to the chat creation adding an image, a subject, etc.

Then you must remove the added contact and so you will have a chat with yourself. Thus, You can now record voice memos in this space and then share them with your contacts whenever you want. You just have to click on the audio and click on Share on WhatsApp.

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