The tweeters fall in love with the chemistry between two contestants of a dance 'First dates' and investigate what happened


It has always been said that the dance unites hearts due to the connection that exists with the person you dance, regardless of where it is performed or the music that is playing at the moment.

That has happened with Garry and Ryan, two contestants of Flirty Dancing, who have fallen in love with the world with their choreography. Both did not know each other until the moment when They look through a glass. This, coupled with the connection that has existed throughout the dance, has caused the reactions of the spectators.

Flirty Dancing It is a program that is broadcast in the United Kingdom, where every week, with the help of Ashley Banjo, a well-known choreographer in the country, two people know each other through dancing.

The members of the couple, initially complete unknown, they have to prepare half a choreography and, when they meet, they must make it work through their complicity. This format has been compared to First Dates, since it is a similar idea that changes dinner for a dance session.

After the broadcast of the program in which Garry and Ryan appeared, everyone wanted to know what happened between them. Fortunately, as in First Dates, At the end of each meeting, the program broadcasts a video that explains the outcome of the story: if they have seen more times since they recorded their meeting or not.

And yes, after the skillful investigation of the curious and romantic Spanish tweeters, we have all been able to discover that Garry and Ryan not only saw each other again but apparently have started a beautiful relationship. As the program itself says: "Love to the first dance".

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