The 'viral flight' of a protester on a mosso that ends his arrest … and jokes in the networks


A man has been arrested this Tuesday after assaulting a mosso that was behind him on the AP-7 motorway in la Jonquera. The man has been arrested in the framework of the independent demonstrations of Tsunami Democràtic that, since this Monday, blocked the highway linking Spain and France and have been evicted this morning.

The operation has ended with 19 arrests, one of them, the protagonist of this video that has taken little time to go viral through social networks. In it you can see an older man who, trying to escape from the police, climbs a promontory near the highway and, from about two meters, He rushes with all his weight on the mosso that was chasing him.

Both are lying on the ground until the mosso gets up and attacks the protester and, along with another partner, they manage to immobilize him with several maneuvers and handcuff him from behind.

The video has begun to circulate and He has divided opinions on social networks. On the one hand, those who praise the action of the protester and ensure that the response of the mosso is disproportionate and, on the other hand, those who claim that he had deserved it for assaulting a policeman and condemn the independence protests. Those who have not missed They have taken it with humor and joked with the scene.

The AP-7 protesters who have been evicted they have moved to the N-II road, via which they have blocked in both directions about five kilometers south of La Jonquera and have caused intermittent retention of up to 15 kilometers. This afternoon they have called another protest atBasque Country at 6:00 p.m.

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