The women's soccer strike continues after the last attempt of agreement with the clubs has failed


The Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE) has confirmed that the call for an indefinite strike by the players of the First Iberdrola is maintained for this weekend (November 16 and 17), since an agreement has not been reached between the parties once the refusal of the Association of Women's Soccer Clubs (ACFF) to the proposal of the General Directorate of Labor.

The mediation of the first collective agreement of women's football. "The General Directorate of Labor, after receiving the documents of the parties (employers and unions), terminates the mediation made between the agents negotiating the first Collective Agreement for First Division footballers," AFE reports in an official statement .

This Tuesday, the ACFF rejected the mediation proposal, once the employer submitted its disagreement in a letter and despite the fact that at first the players were open, mostly as communicated by the AFE, to accept the conditions offered by the General Directorate of Labor (which understood its claims as fair and showed its willingness to resolve the conflict).

Rubén Alcaine, president of the ACFF

The employer pointed out in its refusal that the "collective agreement must establish minimums that improve, in a sustainable way, the current conditions of the players who receive lower wages, laying an initial basis on which to continue growing", to which the ACFF subscribed that the mentioned proposal obviated "the need to earn more income" and increased "by 33% the minimums on which it was negotiating."

In this way, since no agreement has been reached between the parties, as the AFE adds, "the indefinite call for party strike is maintained and will begin this weekend of November 16 and 17, a decision that the majority of the players took during the informative meeting convened by AFE on October 22 ".

The AFE, which is always ready to "go to all those negotiating and mediation tables with the aim of resolving the conflict", calls the ACFF to maintain a "immobilistic attitude, without offering alternatives or possible solutions" to unlock it, even if the players affected have yielded on different issues.

In addition, he thanks the support of the International Federation of Professional Footballers (FIFPro) and the role in the mediation of the General Directorate of Labor, understanding it as "the ideal governmental instance where to contextualize these fair demands" of the footballers.

"Currently, they are the only workers in their company that do not have a collective agreement that protects them as their peers, a situation that in the 21st century is not understandable, more with an Equality Law of 2007 that tries to put coto to spaces of inequality that, unfortunately, still occur in our country, "the AFE concludes its statement.

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