"They are not extreme right and I am not black, I only went with UVA rays"


The electoral hangover continues to cause reactions in the world of sports. One of the last to join has been the former basketball player Sitapha Savané, which retired in 2018 after playing 15 seasons in the Endesa League.

Savané, recognized as ‘adopted son of the island of Gran Canaria’, where he played 8 seasons and became captain of the team, pulled irony to refer to the Vox party.

"No, they are not extreme right and i am not black, I only spent a little bit with UVA rays, "he wrote on his Twitter account.

Savané's message came citing the tweet of the leader of the French ultra-right, Marine Le Pen, who congratulated Vox for his "brilliant progression" in the legislative elections in Spain, which places him as the third most voted party.

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