They call a referee "gomero hediondo", suspend the match for a penalty not taken and in the end there is improper alignment


In La Palma football, in the Canary Islands, there is a match that almost all of its inhabitants follow: the derby between the Messenger and in Tenisca. Considered two of the most powerful teams on the island, even in lower categories causes great expectation. In fact, the match that faced them in 1983broke the record of 48 penalty matches between the two teams, after a massive fight.

This weekend the palmer derby was played among the children's teams, which also had a vital sporting importance since in the absence of two days they were playing the league's lead, but it was the referee who took all the leading role.

The match, in fact, did not even complete. The referee became the protagonist from the first minutes, with complaints from fans in the stands that became screams. Nothing serious, but things like "gomero cleft", in allusion to his maternal family, since the referee is a neighbor of the area. This qualification angered him so much that he warned the two teams that as he followed that kind of shouting, which he considered offensive, would suspend the match.

The match went 1-1 to rest and just start the second part, Ishmael Moral, forward of Tenisca, was shot down in the area. The referee did not punish, which caused the players to lie on him to complain. From the stands, they yelled at him "Coward" and immediately made a drastic decision: suspend the meeting. There were 32 minutes left, in a key match for the resolution of the league, since they are separated by just two points, with the Messenger in the lead, and six remain at stake.

To round off the surreal encounter, the Messenger can still see how he loses the match: they had committed improper alignment. The regulations state that the numbers must go from 1 to 15, and one of the players came out with 17. Now it will be the Tinerfeña Football Federation who will decide what happens with this match.

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