They find a dog painted green in the street, crying and looking for food in a plastic bag


Shazreen Othuman, a young resident in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, has posted on his Facebook several images of A dog painted completely green.

The canid was crying and looking for food in a plastic bag in the gardens of a residential neighborhood in the area where the young man lives. These images of the animal painted green have not been slow to shock the inhabitants of that area of ​​Malaysia, who have spread the publication and have asked for measures to help the animal.

"Anyone who has made this gesture must be mentally ill. It is totally inhuman do these things"writes the young man in his publication.

The painting is a dangerous element for pets, since they can be corrosive and cause damage to the animal such as, for example, skin burns, swelling in the eyes or even internal burns if the paint is licked.

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