They find in Japan the Grayback, a US submarine sunk 75 years ago during World War II


A submarine used by the United States during World War II, which was sunk with 80 sailors on board and that has been missing for 75 years, has been found recently on the shores of Japan.

He Grayback It was discovered in June more than 400 meters underwater and about 80 kilometers south of Okinawa by Tim Taylor, who leads the 'Lost 52 Project', a team dedicated to finding the 52 US submarines missing during World War II. The find was made public this Sunday.

The USS Grayback set off for its final mission from Pearl Harbor on January 28, 1944, according to the Naval History and Heritage Command. It was sunk by a Japanese aircraft carrier bomber on February 26 of that same year.

I was scheduled to arrive in Midway in March, but never did and was listed as "lost" at the end of that month. It was the 20th most famous submarine during World War II.

The US Navy had compiled the approximate locations of the sinking of the 52 submarines. However, in the case of Grayback there was an error in the translation of Japanese and war records had a wrong digit in latitude and longitude of sinking.

The 'Lost 52 Project' team has found four other submarines since he is active.

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