They find in the stomach of a shark the hand of a missing tourist in Reunion Island


Richard Martyn Turner, a 44-year-old Scottish tourist, disappeared last Saturday while swimming and snorkeling in Reunion Island, in France. its hand and forearm have been found inside a tiger shark, although the body has not yet been found, according to reports Edinburgh Live.

Turner went to the French island with his wife, Verity, to celebrate the 40th birthday of this. The man went out to swim and snorkel in the waters of the area, but never comeback.

The police established days after his disappearance a whipped to hunt four tiger sharks that they were in the place where he was last seen and that he is supposed to be bathers, since he is free from the presence of these animals.

Turner's hand was found inside the stomach of one of the sharks, even with the wedding ring set, as his wife confirmed to the authorities.

The DNA test that was performed later determined that it belonged to the Scotsman. "A man's hand and forearm were found inside the stomach of one of the captured tiger sharks. The woman identified the ring as belonging to her husband and the DNA tests officially confirmed it's about the missing man, "police sources explained.

The police still investigate the causes of his disappearance and shuffle two theories: a shark attack or that man drowned and then one of these animals ate his hand.

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