Thibau Nys struggles for his first European title cyclo-cross …


It was a struggle in Silvelle, Italy, and Thibau Nys proved to be the best. Our fellow countryman was crowned European champion for the first time after his third place last year.

Lennert Belmans started as a rocket in Italy and immediately put pressure on the competition. Jetze Van Campenhout was then the only one who could follow. Thibau Nys followed a little further in the company of Jente Michels. The almost seventeen-year-old son of Sven gradually made up his deficit and took over the head of the game at the start of the second round.

Van Campenhout and especially Belmans then had a hard time and so Nys and Michels were number one and two at the finish with a 30 second lead. The first non-Belgian was the Swiss Dario Lillo.


Along the way, Nys was regularly told "allez Thibau". He also showed his technical ingenuity several times and tried to get rid of Michels. However, it turned out to have a good day and withstood the pressure every time. In the meantime, Belmans made Van Campenhout very difficult and Lillo joined our countrymen.

At the start of the final lap, Michels made a gesture to Nys. "Go over," it seemed to mean, but a seemingly tired Nys bowed his head and shook his head. In the meantime, the rest followed more than one minute.

In the final lap, Michels prevailed by walking on a heavy stretch, while Nys kept cycling. A gap arose, but Nys quickly corrected the crooked situation. It was a neck-and-neck race on the way to the finish. Nys started to accelerate with the finish line in sight. Michels tried, but had to give in. Thibau Nys triumphed and Dad Sven smiled: "You had it under control," he said immediately after the finish.

Lillo eventually finished third, ahead of Van Campenhout and Belmans.

Thibau Nys struggles for his first European cyclocross title after a duel with Jente Michels

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