this is how the battles of 'La Voz Kids' ended


The battles of The voice Kids They came to an end this Tuesday and left memorable moments in the history of the Antena 3 contest, which next week will start with the third and final phase of the program: the assaults.

The coachesDavid Bisbal, Rosario Flores, Vanesa Martín and Melendi, along with their advisors, They closed their equipment. Thus, Bisbal and Niña Pastori stayed with Maksym Pashnyk, who sang with Victoria Herraiz and Berta Luna Beauty and the Beast. On the other hand, Ana Escudero was the next chosen by the Almeria, after interpreting Out here on my own, by Irene Cara, with Alicia Pétina and Lucía Souto.

For their part, Vanesa Martín and Pastora Soler opted for the voice of Patricia García, who sang You lie with Esperanza Bonelo and Manuela Gómez; and for the talent of Aysha Bengoetxea, who interpreted When we were young, with Laura Muñoz and Evelyn Condrow. Then the tears were brought by Rosario and Lolita Flores: Paola Casas, Juan Manuel Segovia and María Expósito sang 90 minutes,from India Martínez.

The Flores sisters They chose Paola Casas and then Marta Pérez, who sang A natural Woman with Claudia Saura and Ruslana Panchyshyna. Finally, Melendi and Arkano made the last decision and chose Sara Gálvez, who sang Looking for Paradise with Enshar Ghateh and Pablo Monge.

The 'coaches' take the stage with the little ones

The judges were also encouraged to sing, starring exciting performances with some of the children. The first to get on stage was Niña Pastori, who sang the song with Manuela Gómez I threw a coin into the water Y, after, The room with Juan Manuel Segovia and María Calero. For his part, David Bisbal interpreted Guilty with Esperanza Bonelo.

Pastor Soler also sang her own song, Stay with me, with the talent Laura Muñoz; and Vanesa Martín took the opportunity to sing 90 minutes with Paola Casas, Juan Manuel Segovia and María Expósito, before the tears of Lolita Flores.

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