This thirteen-year-old girl must become the first female F1 winner


For a number of years, the Japanese Juju Noda has been labeled a prodigy. The thirteen-year-old girl, the daughter of former Formula 1 driver Hideki Noda, has had great success in her home country and has ended up on the radar with a number of teams and talent programs, such as that of Red Bull.

If Noda is indeed as good as it is claimed, then it's just a matter of time before we see her climb the ladder to Formula 1 and get to the top. The teenager has announced this weekend that she will participate in the Danish Formula 4 next season, taking the first steps in Europe to hopefully reach the top. At the time, fourteen years old, Noda is just old enough to be allowed to participate.

Noda makes the switch together with her father Hideki's team, Noda Racing. In Japan, she and this team also competed in Formula U17, a racing class in which Formula 3 cars are raced. In the Danish Formula 4, participants drive with a two-liter Renault engine and a chassis that is the same as in the British Formula 4.

Juju Noda is best known for the fact that she was driving Formula 4 cars before her tenth birthday and not long after she also had Formula 3 material tested. In equivalent material, Noda frequently made short work of drivers who were considerably older than she was. In addition, she managed to set an F4 lap record on the Okayama circuit. Her goal is clear: she wants to follow in her father's footsteps and reach Formula 1, before becoming the very first female winner in the royal class.

Noda still has a considerable way to go before it comes to that. If Noda really wants to prove her qualities, she will also have to register in other classes. The German and Italian Formula 4 are generally seen as the disciplines in which the great talents emerge. There are reportedly plans for Noda to also try it in France in 2020.

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