Three people killed while eating in Guanajuato


A criminal group entered a house firing weapons of heavy caliber to kill three men while they ate, the Municipal Police reported.

According to local media, heavily armed men arrived at a house on Antonio Plaza private street, in the community of Tenango el Nuevo, where without a word they detonated high-powered rifles.

Neighbors were the ones who reported the fact to 911 so that the municipal uniforms arrived, first, and then National Guard personnel to flag the site where the bodies were located.

Also there were elements of Civil Protection and lifeguards, but they were elements of the Municipal Police, who confirmed the murder of the three men inside the home.

Elements of the Criminal Investigation Agency of the General Prosecutor's Office of the State of Guanajuato collected the evidence, such as percussed caps and other materials, as well as the position of the bodies to verify the attack.

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