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On November 29, Black Friday returns to our stores, with all that that implies. It is true that some shops and websites have already begun to anticipate offers that will take place this day, but it is only a way to heat engines for the big event, the big discounts are still to come.

Although it is already possible to find a bargain, do not go crazy, well used, this date of offers can help us save, for example, allowing us to make Christmas purchases in advance and with significant discounts although there are more tricks that we can carry out. But nevertheless, If our intention is to use the credit card to carry out the purchases this day there are five tips that we must take into account Not to ruin us.

  1. Make a shopping list. It may seem silly but thinking about what we need and taking it in writing helps us get out of the script, so that we don't get carried away by impulse purchases. In addition, if we work with enough prior we can save the previous month to make the Black Friday purchases we need.
  2. Do a previous research and comparison work. Before buying, it is always important to compare, but during sales, more. It is essential that you make sure that the selected products are really discounted and that they are worthwhile. As the OCU studied last year, during the Black Friday week, the most powerful price drops were detected in CarrefourOnline (-24.7%), ElCorteInglés (-19.2%), Fnac (-16%), Amazon , MediaMarkt, PCComponentes and Worten (around 12 or 13%). That is, of the products that fell in price, the average decrease was a percentage.
  3. Check the reliability of the platform on which you are going to operate. Do you know her Have you bought there before? Do you have comments on the internet of other people who have used it? Avoid making transactions on any platform that does not inspire confidence or generate any doubt. Above all, on these dates.
  4. Know your rights and review the return policy. Like the rest of the year, you have rights as a consumer that must be respected. The discounts and discounts do not cancel them. Check, for example, that you can change your purchases or return them and How or under what conditions could you do it?
  5. Set a limit When we buy with a credit card and pay the following month it seems that prices do not weigh us. This can be very dangerous, since We do not see the money discounted from our account and we are encouraged to continue shopping, which can be a scare the following month when you have to adjust accounts.

Above all, very important buy with card or cash, it is recommended not requesting a loan to carry out purchases that are not strictly necessary and, if it is absolutely necessary to do so, check the conditions very well so that they are not abusive.

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