Trains circulate again through the Recoletos tunnel after almost half a year closed


The Recoletos tunnel has reopened this Sunday after five months closed for comprehensive renovation works, which have meant an investment of 45 million euros to improve the service of this seven-kilometer infrastructure, which is the one that supports more rail traffic of all the Spanish network. This reopening will feature a special service in the Corredor del Henares by the contour line. As part of this modernization, an "extra service" will be included by the O'Donell contour line, as Renfe has reported in a statement.

A] Yes, lines C1, C2, C7, C8 and C10, affected by the works since last June 2, will recover the circulation "without cuts or restrictions" in the stretch of Recoletos.

Also, this reopening will have a special service in the Corredor del Henares by the contour route. "They are trains from Guadalajara with stops in Azuqueca, Meco, Alcalá Universidad, Alcalá de Henares, Torrejón de Ardoz, San Fernando, Fuente de la Mora and Chamartín "that will leave with an average frequency of one train per hour, an interval that will increase with" one train every 30 or 45 minutes in periods of rush hour. "

Improvement plan

After five months of work, the Recoletos station has a renewed image with "vinyl and new luminaire on the platforms and hallways."

Thus, the main actions you carried out have been the "replacement of the track on ballast and wooden sleepers by plate, "the change" from the flexible catenary to rigid catenary "and" the modernization of railway signaling ".

For this, Adif and the different contractors "have mobilized an important team of about 120 people, working on three shifts seven days a week". To this template, we would have to add the equipment of material carriers or concrete mixer conductors, among others.

The work done by Adif in the tunnel, framed in the Madrid Neighborhood Plan, has meant an investment of more than 45 million euros. This infrastructure, 7 kilometers long, is the section that supports the greatest number of circulations of the entire Spanish railway network, with 470 trains and 200,000 daily travelers.

Until the opening date, Renfe is checking that the new facilities "comply with safety parameters, homogeneity, reliability and stability. "

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