Tudor Chirila, announcement before the vote. "He asked me with whom to vote!" What answer did the Voice of Romania jury give


Election day has arrived. Romanians can exercise their right to vote today in the first round of the presidential elections and will elect their next president for the next five years. Voting started at 7.00 am and ends at 9.00 pm.

By way of exception, voting abroad took place during the days of Friday and Saturday immediately before the day of voting. Romanians from the diaspora can still vote until 21:00 today (local time).

Tudor Chirilă, the jury from the Voice of Romania sent a message on his personal Facebook page during this year's presidential elections.

Who does Tudor Chirila vote for?

Because today all Romanians are in the fever of elections, public figures and celebrities transmit on their pages on social networks. Here's what the jury from the Voice of Romania wrote a while ago on its Facebook page:

"Today we go to the vote. Many people have written to ask me what I vote for. I didn't answer because I find it too much responsibility to give advice now in this area (even if in the past I did once). But I am convinced that the vote of the Romanians will be anti-PSD. I look forward to the day when Romanians will vote candidates for their intrinsic value. Looks like we still have. However, we have acquired something in recent years: awareness of the importance of voting. It was hard, and many voices worked on it and here it is seen: at least in the diaspora, where the hope for another Romania is gradually becoming desperate, ”Tudor Chirila wrote on Facebook.

14 candidates are fighting today for the presidential election, and according to opinion polls conducted in the days before the election, the favorite was even the current president, Klaus Iohannis.

According to a CURS survey, the head of state has always had around 40% in opinion polls and is at a considerable distance from his competitors. Viorica Dăncilă would have the support of 20% of the votes, while Dan Barna would be 13%, Mircea Diaconu 11% and Theodor Paleologu 6%.

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